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Maya Beach

Maya Beach on Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

We gave up our apartment, put our things into storage, and began traveling around the world. Married for just two years, we set off with very little planning. Working along the way, and CouchSurfing as often as possible, we've made crazy new friends and have seen some amazing places. Follow our shenanigans though nine countries over four months!

As with any good story, start from the beginning: Adventure of a Lifetime

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Hamburg — Home Away From Home

We didn’t know much about Hamburg, Germany before our visit. It’s where we got hamburgers from, right? (It actually is!) But once we’d seen the city and made a couple new friends, it was incredibly hard for us to leave. The Hamburg Train Station is big. So, as has happened too often, we were caught…  More »


A Little Wine and Lots of Insight

After leaving the simple life in Weierhof we headed to Solingen for dinner and drinks with Frederik and Nicky (more of Patrick’s good friends). We managed to get off at the wrong train stop but our hosts came to our rescue after a quick phone call describing our snafu. On the car ride to their…  More »


Living the Good Life in Germany

We boarded a train in Switzerland and virtually traveled back in time to the scenic German town of Weierhof. About an hour south-east of Frankfurt, Weierhof is a¬†Mennonite community. Our hosts were Carmen and Walter who are the pastors for the local church. ¬†As mentioned in a previous post, our friend Patrick who was born…  More »


Dinner and Graffiti

The first night in Zurich our host had only a short time with us before having to go work. He was a producer for a local band. He was also a man of great taste which was made obvious by his cabinet full of single malt scotch. Before he left, he recommended we try a…  More »


Lucerne — Art of God

We planned a day trip by train to Lucerne in the Swiss Alps. It was a beautiful trip, and an even more beautiful destination. The lake below the mountains stretched far and wide and looked clean enough to drink. That is a huge contrast to the green and muddy Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri…  More »


Switzerland — Overwhelming Beauty

Switzerland is a place that’s overflowing with beauty and serenity. Zurich would be our home for the next few days as we couch surfed just a few minutes from downtown. In town are obsessively clean city streets filled with obsessively well dressed men and women. Zurich is a thriving city if there ever was one.…  More »


Queen of the Adriatic Sea

We zipped over to Venice after our stay in Cutigliano. Okay, we didn’t zip. We got to Florence to find the train was full and we needed a reservation to get on. I was still trying to understand the Eurail pass at this time. The phrase “some trains need reservations” didn’t help me at all.…  More »


Adventures in the Mountains of Tuscany

Where do you go after the hustle and bustle of Rome? Some might say anywhere on a farm in Tuscany. Instead of being directly in the wine region where farms fill up fast we decided to go to Cutigliano, a small town up in the mountains of northern Tuscany. It is a short drive to…  More »


Exploring the Heart of the Roman Empire

Rome. It’s a powerful name that conjures up images of Cesar’s armies, fierce gladiators and incredible architecture. It’s a place rich with history and being there, you feel that history all around you. Walking through a park, over a hill, and having the tattered skeleton of the coliseum rise up in front of you brings…  More »


Walking Back In Time

Finding places to stay has often proven difficult but with the help of our friends finding places in Europe has been made much easier. We met Patrick and Jessie at Atonement Lutheran Church back when we used to live in Kansas. Patrick was hosting a bible study for young professionals and we became friends instantly.…  More »