Switzerland — Overwhelming Beauty

Switzerland is a place that’s overflowing with beauty and serenity. Zurich would be our home for the next few days as we couch surfed just a few minutes from downtown.

How would you like this view from your office downtown?
More brilliant architecture.
I thought Venice was the only city with streets of water.

In town are obsessively clean city streets filled with obsessively well dressed men and women. Zurich is a thriving city if there ever was one. That’s thanks mostly to the flourishing banks that are based here. Public transport is wonderful and the city even offers free bikes to anyone who wants one for a day. Their target is commuters, and it makes a lot of sense. If the population is healthier, the people are happier, and the Government pays less for their healthcare. I’m digging this preventative maintenance they’ve got going on here.

I like their style.
They filled the streets for blocks with perfectly played classical music.
Dysfunctional art

One of the most fun things we did was an unplanned trip to a Zurich’s university of design. The students were presenting their final projects and our host had friends who were students there. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we were blown away.

Oh you know I’m going in there!
Angela killing our host at Foosball!
Typography design displays
Free bubble gum — but you have to add it to the table when done chewing!
She made a sweet turtle.
Angela’s bubble gum artwork
The only thing I know how to make — a dragon!

Just outside of town are surreal lakes carving out the spaces betwixt the mountains for what seems to be nature’s infinite playground. Of course the legendary Swiss Alps are a skiers paradise, but being here is summer has lifted that snowy veil and revealed another kind of paradise. One filled with sailboats, hiking trails, artists, and chocolate! I will dedicate a post to the Alps, so more on that later.

On a stroll in the park.
Cactus clock along one of the many walking paths around the city.
The most bad-ass drinking fountain ever.
Fancy pontoon paddle boats!
Sweet hotel and garden we stumbled upon while walking in a park

Back in Zurich, we explored downtown. If you love designer clothes, art, or chocolate — you’re head will be spinning. Meticulous window displays line the streets with the aforementioned. It’s a good thing we had tiny backpacks or we would have been poor and stranded by days end. We did find a killer restaurant to spend some money at though. It was a vegetarian buffet, it was completely packed, and it was totally awesome. Serving vegetarian since 1898, Hiltl is Europe’s oldest vegetarian restaurant.

Luxemburgerli, mini macaroons made by Spruengli
Hamburgers — mini macaroons — they were freakin delicious!