Dinner and Graffiti

The first night in Zurich our host had only a short time with us before having to go work. He was a producer for a local band. He was also a man of great taste which was made obvious by his cabinet full of single malt scotch.

Our hosts choice beverages — and he shared!

Before he left, he recommended we try a restaurant about a 15 minute walk that was by Lake Zurich (Zürichsee) named Ziegel Oh Lac.

As we walked into an alley where Google maps had pointed us, we found ourselves surrounded by graffiti. While that could have been unsettling, this was clearly something bigger than hoodlums pissing off building owners. It seemed to be a monumental canvas for local artists.

As we walked around snapping photos, we came upon a group of people standing outside one of the graffiti laced buildings which turned out to be a bar. They weren’t a gang or rambunctious kids, they were all deaf. I am not sure what the event or occasion was, or even if there was one but they seemed to be enjoying the art as much as we were.

So we had to our first Swiss dinner and the food was local, organic, and fantastic. Service, as warned by our host, left something to be desired. It didn’t help that we couldn’t read the Swiss-German language on the menu either. But eventually our waiter was nice enough to walk us through the main courses and the results were well worth the wait.

Spagetti, risotto and bread — even parmesan cheese was amazing

Next up.. GERMANY!! (just don’t eat the bean sprouts :) )