How to Stay Close with Your Partner While Traveling by Yourself

In the modern world, where crossing the oceans and the continents in their entirety is
only a matter of hours, making traveling your way to make a living is a great option for find single brides. In fact, it’s
one of the most popular opportunities among unconventional choices. And, aside from being
very profitable, traveling is also a great way to broaden your horizons and fill yourself with new
thoughts and ideas.

But what if you are in a serious relationship and your partner is not able or just don’t
want to embark on a great adventure? Is it a real reason to end this beautiful thing you
managed to build between you two? No, of course, it’s not. On the bright side, it’s the new
millennium, which means that there are numerous options to stay in touch even while being a
thousand miles apart. So how to make it work? Learn how to use body language to your advantage. Let’s find out.

  1. Send a postcard from every city you visit. It may seem a bit silly in the era of the Net
    and mobile technologies. However, you should never underestimate the power of
    such a gesture. Having a physical proof of your love (and a postcard is nothing but
    that), touching it, looking at your handwriting, reading what you have to say about
    your feelings and your adventures – all this can make the distance between your
    beloved one and you seem as short as several miles. It’s cheesy but extremely sweet,
    so why not take advantage of this seemingly outdated yet romantic device?
  2. Phone sex and sexting. Not all of us are sincere enough to admit it, but technologies
    allow us to reveal sexual tension. Of course, you miss your girlfriend or boyfriend
    because you can’t see each other in a flesh and have a proper conversation eye to
    eye. But don’t you also miss touching your partner, making love to him or her? You
    do, obviously. And here’s when sexting and phone sex step up to change the situation.
    These are not the only options: you can send nudes and record videos, making longish
    masturbation sessions with your loved one. If this is too much for you two, sending a
    message with sexual innuendos is always a possibility. Why not, anyway?
  3. Send as many pics as you can. Clearly enough, the technologies make life better. And
    the communication is no exception. Some people prefer to write extra-long messages,
    describing every vibrant detail and every minute of their day. Yes, it may be overly
    tedious. So why not trying to show your adventures instead? Sending smiley selfies
    and exciting shots from famous landmarks can tell much more about your experience
    (if not more then just add content to your text messages).
  4. Video chat sessions and phone calls. Apart from creative options to stay in touch
    while traveling, there’s always a set of well-known ways, such as Skype sessions and
    phone calls. If you are a professional traveler, you obviously have a laptop with the
    Internet connection or any other portable gadget. Just make sure that these calls
    don’t interrupt your partner’s day. Better plan it in advance!