5 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting the USA

It’s no doubt that the USA is one of those places that people from all over the world eagerly want to visit (alongside with Russia where there are so many russian girls for marriage ) – and it’s totally worth it. And just as any highly developed county,
America has peculiarities and features only Americans can fully understand. Here are some of
the things you may find difficult to comprehend while visiting the United States:

  1. The culture of eating out. Clearly enough, the popularization of the culture of junk
    and/or fast food is to be credited to America. Americans are totally fine with eating
    out from three to five times a week. It means that fine dining restaurants are no
    longer as popular as they used to be, passing their pedestal to middle-class eateries
    and fast food restaurant chains. As a result, the emphasis has shifted from the
    exquisite experience you get from visiting restaurants to foods themselves and
    portion sizes.
  2. Talking about foods. America is widely known as one of the most obese nations in the
    world, sharing this dishonorable title with Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Egypt, Samoa, and
    others. Portion sizes and the popularization of junk foods are to be blamed for this, as
    well as national food programs which basically allow unhealthy foods to be much
    cheaper than local meats, cereals, vegetables, and fruits. Simply put, eating unhealthy
    is cheaper, and most Americans prefer to take advantage of this fact. You’d also be
    surprised at how big the portions are in the restaurants, serving enough food for two
    to four servings on a single plate.
  3. Expensive medicine. Catching a common cold or breaking a bone can become a major
    problem if you don’t have an insurance. The prices for medical supplies and services
    have skyrocketed since the 90s. That’s why you may often hear medical workers
    asking for the security number before they even begin to help their patients. It may
    seem odd but that’s how the system works. What’s even more interesting is that
    America is often the source of new expensive cosmetic procedures.
  4. American smile. Here’s a plot: you see two people meeting and asking each other how
    they are doing – and that’s it. They are just gone without answering any of that.
    Americans are sometimes called hypocrites and fake people for making a positive
    outlook, smile, and small talk their general approach towards communication. But
    there’s actually nothing wrong with being very friendly. However, the world knows
    Americans as the owners of the whitest and widest smiles in the World. As you can
    see, this fact is represented in the society in a very definite way.
  5. What’s up with taxes? Yet another bizarre plot: you see a $4,99 menu in a restaurant
    but end up paying much more than that. Why does it happen? In almost all the
    countries, taxes are already built in the advertised price, which literally means that
    you pay 4 bucks when the price tag says so, whereas in America you need to calculate
    the price if you want to know it before getting to pay. It also depends on what state
    you are in as taxes vary drastically throughout the country. So be careful when buying