Queen of the Adriatic Sea

We zipped over to Venice after our stay in Cutigliano. Okay, we didn’t zip. We got to Florence to find the train was full and we needed a reservation to get on. I was still trying to understand the Eurail pass at this time. The phrase “some trains need reservations” didn’t help me at all. The website didn’t help either. Read More

Exploring the Heart of the Roman Empire

Rome. It’s a powerful name that conjures up images of Cesar’s armies, fierce gladiators and incredible architecture. It’s a place rich with history and being there, you feel that history all around you. Walking through a park, over a hill, and having the tattered skeleton of the coliseum rise up in front of you brings into focus how many have come before you. You wonder how many have stood in the same place, marveling at the same exceptional creation. Read More

Walking Back In Time

Finding places to stay has often proven difficult but with the help of our friends finding places in Europe has been made much easier. We met Patrick and Jessie at Atonement Lutheran Church back when we used to live in Kansas. Patrick was hosting a bible study for young professionals and we became friends instantly.…

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